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Commercial Dumpster Rental

We provide commercial dumpsters for contractors, roofers, and construction sites.

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Construction Projects and Demolition

Whether you’re a contractor, home remodeler, apartment owner, window and door installer, or other types of commercial professional, you will inevitably need a reliable dumpster company to make your projects run smoothly.

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As a small business owner, we understand how important pricing is to you. You have enough to do with your own business concerns, the last thing you need is to wonder why your dumpster did not get serviced. 

We know that running a small business can be complicated. That’s why Simco offers a set monthly fee so that you always know what your payment will be. 

You choose the dumpster size you need and the frequency of the pickup. That’s all there is for you to do- Simco will do the rest! 

We can tailor our services to your needs. Choose from permanent trash dumpsters or roll-off dumpsters for special projects.

If you are unsure what size dumpster you might need, call the friendly experts at Simco. We will be happy to answer all your questions so you can get exactly what you are looking for, a dumpster at a fair price for your small business.


Simco Container Service

Roofing Dumpsters

Have a large scale roof replacement or a small repair? We have you covered with the appropriate dumpster for the job. We also follow the Wisconsin 

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Roofing Dumpster

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10 or 15 yard

Project Types

$ 275 Total
  • No Tons Included
  • 10 Day Rental Period
  • $10/day after 10 days
  • $40 per ton for Shingles Only
  • $85 per ton for Mixed Load

Home Renovations

We know that contractors need a roll-off dumpster that is delivered and picked up on time, so you don’t have to hear homeowner complaints. 

Simco services some of the biggest names in the greater Milwaukee area. We can provide you with the best prices and service, so you can focus on your work and not on the debris! 

Common projects that require a roll-off dumpster include: 

  • Roofing 
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Bath remodeling
  • Carpet installation
  • Door or window replacement
  • New construction
  • Old cement deck replacements
  • Major remodeling jobs (room additions, etc.) 
  • Old fencing materials
  • Subfloor materials


Whether it’s brick or asphalt, cement or wood, Simco will be happy to provide the correct dumpster size, so you don’t have to pay more than you need to. 

20 yard dumpster for rent

Doing a major home renovation comes with a lot of demolition and torn down materials that need to be thrown away properly. Our commercial clients in the remodeling industry are all too familiar with the prospect of the large amounts of torn down pieces from a section of the home such as the kitchen or bathroom. They find these materials either laying on the ground or piled high in a pick-up truck because there is not a designated place to throw them out. With a 20 yard dumpster, for instance, you can fit up to 10 truck loads of waste from any home renovation project. If it fills up – just give us a call and we will be there to haul it away, to be returned back to you and ready for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

We most often recommend a 20 yard dumpster for construction sites, as the largest container is, more often than not, most efficient. However, there are exceptions depending on the weight of the materials being thrown away. If you are throwing away concrete, stone, bricks, or other dense objects, we may need to discuss your options to make sure the cans do not become too heavy.

In short, no. This is because Wisconsin has very specific disposal laws governing shingles and roofing materials. We therefore have a specific dumpster for roofing projects that you can order online.

Dumpster rental prices will vary depending on the size and tonnage of your load. Our starting price is $325 for the 10 yard container with 1 ton of materials included. 

All dumpster rentals come with the first 10 days included. When you order, simply choose the date you wish to have it delivered and picked up. If you schedule pick up for more than 10 days later, there is an a daily fee of $10/day starting on the 11th day.

You can use our dumpsters to dispose of just about anything in your home. This includes household junk items, electronics, yard waste, bulk trash, empty aerosol cans, wooden furniture, appliances, and more. If you are unsure about any items, please contact us directly to inquire.

Absolutely! If you are using a dumpster for a construction project, then it is important that you get a large enough dumpster to fit everything comfortably, such as our 20 yard container.

Yes, of course! Old electronics are some of the most frequently disposed of items in our dumpsters. This includes most home electronics, televisions, radios, speakers, stereos, heaters, and more. This does not include hazardous materials such as items like AC units with freon.

Well, sort of. We do haul junk away for you, but we do not provide a crew to carry the junk out of your home or project. When we deliver a dumpster, you can use whatever means you wish to use to get the materials into the dumpster, that will not damage the container. This includes, but is not limited to, strong family members, robots, army ants, backhoe, or drones. 

It is important that you do not fill any dumpster above the lip of the container. This is both for safety and legal reasons. If you are finding that your materials are going to be above the lip of the container, please call us to let us know in advance.

We pride ourselves on not having any hidden or surprise fees. If you order a 10 yard dumpster and fill it with 1 ton or less of materials, and keep it for 10 days or less, then your price will always be $350. However, if you keep it for longer than 10 days, or fill it to above 1 ton in weight, then there will be added fees, but these are clearly stated in the pricing descriptions, and are not hidden.

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    Personal but professional. Dropped off and picked up as scheduled. Clean, well-maintained 15 cu. yd. dumpster. Will definitely … More use Simco again if the need arises.
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    I used Simco for a dumpster in the Jefferson area. Nick was very professional and helpful. He made the experience good enough … More that I ordered another dumpster for one of my jobsites. The prices are comparable and I will definitely be using their services again in the future. I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for dumpster rentals.
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    Excellent company. Highly responsive and always connected. Will use them again.

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